you are better with plants

Better with plants is our solution to helping you get plants into your home, office, restaurant or business without the risk of the plants not thriving.

A monthly subscription service that includes plants, planters and maintenance.

Is our service a good fit for you?

Whether you need a few or 20+ plants we are happy to work with your specific plant needs.


What are the benefits from our service?

stump better with plants repot.jpg

Brown leaves, yellow leaves, leaves dropping, pests…
we’ll take care of your plant issues quickly and spare you the mess.

The cost of the service takes minimizes the initial cost of the plants & guarantees that whichever plants you have will acclimate well and be good fit for your space. If not, we’ll replace them at no additional cost.


Where do we offer this service?

This service is currently available in surrounding locations where our retail shops are located.


When do we maintain/replace the plants?

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We will work with your schedule to maintain the plants on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis.
If a plant starts looking sad, we’ll replace it with a better fit.


Why did we create this service?

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Over the years we have heard our customers say,
“Wow, I wish my home looked like your shop”
“I kill all my plants”
“We need plants but we travel and can’t always take care of our plants”
”Half the year we live elsewhere and we need someone to care for our plants when we are away”

For all these reasons we have launched this subscription service to answer those needs.


How to you get subscribed for our service & how much does it cost?

Monthly pricing varies on the number of plants you want in your, how often the plants you choose need watered, and where you located. Service plans start from $14 per month.