Winter Care Tips

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Without a doubt, winter is one of the toughest times of the year for us for multiple reasons. The decreased sunlight, cold temperatures, and short days can leave us feeling out of whack. It’s no surprise that it can also be pretty rough on our plants too. Read on to find some of our essential tips on keeping your plants happy and healthy during the winter. 



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One of the biggest steps to ensuring your plant stays happy during the winter happens during the first few minutes after you buy it. Most houseplants are tropicals, and they aren’t used to temperatures below the 50s. When taking your new plant outside to your car, make sure it stays within the bag, or in a protective plastic sleeve. In the same vein, do not leave your plant in the car while running errands. Any prolonged exposure to cold temperatures can shock your plant and cause permanent damage.



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It’s hard to imagine getting through the winter without some form of heating keeping all of us toasty and warm. However, it’s important when figuring out places for your plants to reside that they don’t take up shelter underneath a heating vent. The hot air blasting from them can cause your plants to dry out quicker, leading to brown and crinkly leaves. When thinking of a place for your plants to live, keep them a few feet away from any vents, but still close enough to a window where they’ll receive ample light. Using a humidifier during the winter months can help to keep your tropical houseplants happy and healthy while the heat is running.



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During the winter, it is especially important to check your plant's soil to see if it is drying up more quickly than normal. Once the central heating kicks on, because of the lack of humidity in the air, you may have to water more frequently. Prior to watering, you may need to break up the dry top soil to ensure that the water is evenly absorbed rather than escaping between the soil and the planter sides.
As always, it’s also important to water with close to room temperature water. Either sides of extreme temperatures can shock your plants.



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Unfortunately, not seeing the sun for days at a time is a problem we have to put up with during the winter. For plants, this translates to slower growth, and in some species, a full stop in growth until spring rolls around. If you don’t notice your plant doing much, but you swear you’re doing everything by the book, don’t fret. Your plant will more than likely reward all of your hard work once spring comes around, and daylight increases.

In the meantime, if you’re adamant on having your plants grow, purchasing grow lights for them is never a bad idea. Grow lights supplement for a lack of natural light, allowing your plants to grow in places that aren’t necessarily near a window. 


Winter can be a challenge for houseplants sometimes, but following these tips should give you an easier time caring for them. As always, if you have a question that we didn’t answer, feel free to check our HELP! page, ask down below, or visit one of our shops to ask in person. We’re always happy to help!

Written by: Egan Thorne
Photos by: Emily Kellett

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