A Greener Resolution


2016 is finally behind us, and we can all focus on the wonders the new year brings. For those who pay attention to interior design, you may know Pantone, the authority on color, recently released their on-trend color pick for 2017: Greenery. It’s no coincidence that Greenery was picked; its uplifting color transitions seamlessly into a wide variety of functions, including keeping plants indoors. In addition to keeping a room from feeling sterile, houseplants give many benefits and care for you just as you care for them. If you’re looking for a healthy resolution to celebrate the beginning of 2017, consider adopting a houseplant. In this post, we’ll explore many of the health benefits plants offer, and which ones top the list.


Natural Air Purifiers

One of the most well-known benefits to owning houseplants is that they’re proven to clean the air around them. All plants absorb the carbon dioxide we release naturally and, in turn, they produce new, fresh oxygen. NASA released a study in 1989 detailing plants that go above and beyond, removing chemicals like formaldehyde and trichloroethylene from the air around them. English ivy, dracaenas, philodendrons, snake plants, and spider plants all topped their list as plants that remove the most chemicals from the spaces they call home, improving our well-being in the process.


Plants in the Workplace and in the Classroom

Keeping a plant at your workplace or in a classroom is a great way to improve your concentration and productivity. Even a single plant at a desk can transform a once sterile environment and reduce stress. In a study from Washington State University, plants in the workplace were shown to increase productivity and reduce stress by 12% in comparison to workplaces with no plants. Studies have also been conducted, showing that plants in the workplace or classroom lead to more innovative ideas than those without. Plenty of plants are perfect for the workplace too; snake plants, ZZ plants, pothos, and philodendrons all perform well in the typical office environment with proper watering and care.


Plants in Healing and Recovery

The presence of plants in the hospital or home can also accelerate the recovery process. In a clinical trial conducted on patients recovering from a hemorrhoidectomy, patients who were able to view plants in their room reported less fatigue, pain, and anxiety than those who had none, helping to decrease the length of recovery time. Those who had plants in their room also reported higher satisfaction with their rooms overall, due to the brighter, more natural environment they recovered in.



Plants Make People Happy

Houseplants are notorious for improving your mood, helping concentration, keeping productivity going, and reducing stress. In short, nature is good for your health. Naturally this only makes sense; we reserve space for plants and nature in the form of metro parks, use plants to celebrate important occasions like weddings, and even use plants like peace lilies to mourn the loss of loved ones. Plants are all around us in little ways to heighten your mood and health, so why shouldn’t they be in your home or workplace as well?  


Written by: Egan Thorne
Photos by: Emily Kellett