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Employee Handbook

Edited January 2019



We are dedicated to bringing plants into people's lives through plant education & thoughtfully designed products.

At STUMP, we take pride in our work to select the highest quality plants (cacti, ficus, dracaenas, succulents, air plants & many other tropical houseplants) & sustainably crafted wares, from classic terra-cotta to our custom, artist-made planters.

Our Primary Goal…

is to educate our customers to ensure that they have a successful experience owning and caring for their plants.

Our Plants…

are all tropical and desert plants - meaning they thrive in temperatures above 40 degrees. In Ohio & Pennsylvania we sell plants that can live outside from around Mother’s Day until temperatures at night are around 35 degrees.

We look forward to getting to know you & share our knowledge about which plants will work best for your home and work environments.

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Our Wares…

Over 98% of our wares are made by ceramic artists in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana, New York, Massachusetts, California, North Carolina or by an Ohio manufacturer. We select these works as our inventory because of their durable and timeless design as well as we believe in directly supporting their makers.


Our values include respect for our own employees and an emphasis on quality and customer service.
We aim to create a culture with clear communication and expectations.



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What inspired you to open Stump?

In the first months that we were dating we both had been working on projects that we were passionate about but we were also looking to create something new and unique using our backgrounds. The horticulture industry is comprised of people who love their jobs and after we spent time talking with those in the industry the more confident we were that we wanted to create small shops that connect people with nature in their homes, offices and businesses. 

What is the best lesson you've learned as a shop owner?

The best lesson that we have learned as shop owners is that offering one on one experience to our customers is invaluable & what makes us different from other plant buying experiences. 

Hardest lesson?

The hardest lesson is that communication is the most difficult & important part of our business. Communication between employees, customers, growers, delivery companies, and business collaborators is a never-ending flow of decisions both large and small that can either make or break the success of our company. Setting up systems for communication is key but it takes lots of time and patience.

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What makes Stump unique?

Hopefully what makes us unique is that we are helpful, kind, patient & knowledgeable paired with an inventory of high quality plants and timeless planters.